Revolutionize the way you do projects

Aquila is a secure cloud-based communication and document management application that helps the project team to focus and collaborate on their core duties related to the design, construction and quality of a ship.


A simple yet powerful application that can support the management of your shipbuilding projects, big or small.


Reduce administrative workload with fewer emails and more visibility across the projects.


Aquila organizes and displays all global projects and vast amounts of documentation in a structured way. It provides efficient resolution of comments and issues, as well as keeping track of revisions, conversations and follow-up comments.


Cloud-based solution allows global, secure access to all of your vessel drawings and documents in one centralized place, and let teams situated in offices across the world to collaborate closely. Also save physical storage space as well!


Project documents are stored and accessible over a long period for your documentation retention policy, and can be made available for operation and maintenance of the vessel going forward.


“Aquila significantly reduces backwards and forth of emails and attachments between participants on a project and streamlines the communication process. Our teams worked within a single platform, allowing very close collaboration during the project and quicker resolution of issues.”

— Octavian Jipa, Plan Approval & Engineering, Seaspan Ship Management


Plan Approval

Aquila provides a quick status update and filters to quickly find your daily to-do’s. In a drawing, you can issue comments and view related conversation, as well as have internal discussion for collaboration within the organization. Export plans to excel and PDF for external use.

FAT, NCR, Inspection

In all these modules you can view and track status of your tests and report, issue comments, have internal discussion, and export to PDF. Additionally for Inspection, Aquila provides two level sign-off to make sure tests are done correctly.


“Aquila has proven to be the ideal instrument for managing drawing review between Owner and Shipyard, combining the functions of database, communications, and tracking tools in one framework. It has allowed for a large and disperse drawing review team to work collaboratively and openly, while enabling the Project Manager to consolidate, filter and edit formal comments before being published to the shipyard design office.”

— Dan Riis, Director of Fleet Engineering , BC Ferries


Final Drawings, Documents

Store all of your ships drawings and other relevant documents in the cloud, upload revisions and leave comments so it's always up to date. Final Drawings are ordered by project and vessels, you can also tag folders and search/filter documents. Final drawings also allows you to retain drawing passwords.

Schedule, Dashboard

Quickly see upcoming events and keep a log of changes in dates. You can also create custom events against your vessels to keep track of major milestones, build events, and inspections.

“Aquila presently houses tens of thousands of final drawings, NCR comments, plan approval comments, inspection results, and project documentation, all of which are readily accessible and controlled through an access rights system, which is administered by the project manager.”

— JJ Meyer, Director Asset Integrity, Seaspan Ship Management


Aquila by the Numbers



Comments and replies in Plan Approval and NCR


Final drawing files




Factory acceptance tests